For eight years I’ve been studying on my own and trying to learn techniques and tips. Living in Branson, Missouri I thought makeup school was a far away dream. I would research schools and try to figure a way to make it happen. I considered relocating for a short time or travelling back and forth, but no option ever really suited my lifestyle and budget at the time. 

Then I heard about this makeup course online and I knew that would be PERFECT for my situation. I was surprised to discover how much I didn’t know about makeup from all the research I had done. I couldn’t wait to study and learn more from Rain! 

I am now a few steps away from reaching my dream . I can hardly believe it was this easy. I can’t thank Rain and her online school enough for this opportunity! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me in makeup! Thank you Rain for making it easier for me to reach my dream!

 I have found a new passion that I am so excited to study, to practice and play! It is also so very fun! I aspire to work in print one day, to be able to open a magazine and see my work. I love that in this business you can never “arrive” and therefore never be stagnant as long as you continue to love what you do and I love doing makeup. I know my skills are far from where I want them to be but I know that even as I write this, I feel the determination in my heart to take something that I think is good and build my skills to become great. I am at a starting place, and its very exciting to think of all the possibilities I want to create with faces. Thank you for a wonderful course. I do wish your business continued growth and thank you for being so helpful and personable.