Intensive 1 Week Professional Makeup Certificate

professional make up certificate

Looking to begin a career in makeup artistry?


You will gain current working knowledge of makeup artistry and a solid foundation upon which you can build, and enter into the freelance makeup world with a genuine sense of confidence in your newly acquired trade.

This intensive course will guide you from a basic foundation level, through to a high level of professional make-up. During a typical day you will begin by watching the tutor carry out a demonstration. You will be expected to take notes and observe and absorb the techniques your tutor is using. You will then spend the remaining class room time practicing what you have learnt. We believe the only real way to improve is to get hands on and give it a try. You will be working in pairs, which will often be rotated so that you can benefit from the widest range of experience.

In the first half of the week you will cover how to identify skin types and their requirements in terms of preparation, hygiene and skincare routines. You will be taught the correct methods of preparing a client for make up application and how to best offer your client advice for maintenance and after care. You will then learn the importance of make up tools, learning all you need to know about make up brushes. This will include why use brushes, which ones to choose and how to use them correctly, and most importantly how to care for your precious tools.

You will learn about the different make up textures used in current cosmetics and how to best manipulate and use them. You will be taught how to choose the correct foundations and how to conceal correctly using corrective make up for various skin colours and skin types. This course will teach you the secrets of how to sculpt faces using contouring and highlighting techniques, as well as how to use bronzers and blushers to their maximum effect. You spend a large chunk of the course mastering eye make up techniques. This is a key element that requires practice and due time will be allocated to ensure you feel confident in making the most of your clients most alluring feature. We will teach you how to create a gorgeous bride. This intensive course will teach you everything you need to know to ensure your bride is picture perfect . A whole day will be dedicated to creating current catwalk trends and period make up for TV and Film. This is a chance for you to have some real fun and get creative!

As working make up artist, we understand the importance of understanding the industry. We will teach you how to work on set/shoot and the correct etiquette. How to understand a Clients direction and understanding the brief set. Also the importance of building client repertoire. We will discuss your possible career options after you complete the course. We will advice you on how to set up your freelance business or advice you on other options available. You will be asked to submit a research piece on building your make up kit. This is designed to get you started and to give you a realistic insight into what is necessary and required to enter into the industry.

You will be required to have a good set of professional makeup brushes. Please ask for our advice if your are unsure which brushes would be suitable. All makeup and equipment will be provided.

Course Fee: £1120

We can offer you payment plans to make the cost more manageable, please contact us for further information


1 week : full time


Monday-Wednesday & Saturday-Sunday  10.30am-5pm


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