Online Facial F.A.Q

Q: Once I sign up for the online Spa Facial courses, how long does it take to get my sign in user id and password?

A: Spa Facial Academy will send you a user id and password within 48 hours.

Q: Will the information about the online Spa Facial courses and pricing be sent to me through the mail in a brochure?

A: We are advocates of going green and believe less paper is better. All of our information can be found on Spa Facial Academy’s website.  If you are unable to find the answer to your question, or you prefer a live person, then you can take advantage of our 800 number, or utilize our live chat 24/7.

Q: Do you only offer online Spa Facial courses or do I have the option of attending a traditional classroom setting?

A: Your professional brush set will be shipped  to you as soon as payment is received and enrollment is complete.  All other course materials can be accessed online.

Q. When will my online Spa Facial course materials be shipped to me?

A: Students will need to purchase products needed and application tools. In addition, we provide a list of tools and products we recommend.

Q. Once enrolled in the class, what additional costs will I incur?

A: Students will need to purchase products needed and application tools. In addition, we provide a list of tools and products we recommend.

Q. My Certificate got ruined and I was wondering how I could receive a duplicate.

A: Spa Facial Academy can provide you an original copy.  Contact us with your name, email, and phone number.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Spa Facial Academy accepts all major credit cards Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal.

Q. Am I able to enroll in the online Spa Facial courses anytime?

A: Yes, enrollment is open year round at Spa Facial Academy

Q. After enrollment, do I have to wait until a new session begins before I can start?

A:  No, because Spa Facial Academy online courses are an independent study program, you can begin immediately.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: No so please ask any questions before purchasing.

Q: If I find within the first few days (or hours) that I do not like the course, will I be refunded?

A: No we do not offer refunds.

Q. Upon signing up, will I be receiving any type of course texts in the mail?

A: No. Everything will be provided online.

Q: Do you offer financial or payment plans?

A: No, please contact us for more information regarding payment plans.

Q: How are your online Spa Facial courses different from other schools?

A:  Spa Facial Academy offers true online learning, no DVDs  and no videos such as YouTube.  Our online makeup courses use only the highest quality, state-of-the-art learning platforms.

Q: Can I access my online Spa Facial Academy’s courses on my iPhone?

A: Yes, all of our online courses are done through our platform via computer, laptop, iPad, smart phone, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Q: How long do I have to complete online Spa Facial Academy’s courses?

A: Online Spa Facial Academy allows you to complete courses at your own pace.  Although they can be completed in as little as two weeks, Spa Facial Academy allows up to one year to complete your certification.

Q: Do I get a certificate at the end of course?

A: Yes.  An official certification will be issued from Spa Facial Academy with your name and date of completion

Q: How do I submit my assignments?

A: Assignments are submitted through Spa Facial Academy’s online learning platform.  All work is then reviewed by Spa Facial Academy’s instructors who will provide detailed feedback and assistance.

Q: Do I have to take any tests?

A: Yes, following each chapter there will be a test which includes, true/false, and multiple choice questions. Students must pass with a 85% or better to advance to next level. There are no shortcuts.

Q: What if I score below 85% on an exam?

A: You may retake the test as many times as needed to obtain an 85% or better.

Q: What is the time frame to complete assignments?

A: You can complete online Spa Facial Academy’s assignments at your own pace.

Q: Once I complete Spa Facial Courses and get my certificate, can I still log in and review the materials?

A: One of the benefits to taking courses at Spa Facial Academy is that you have up to a year to access all course information.  You may use it as a refresher, or to refer back to  at any time from your iPad or iPhone, or other devices that utilize an Internet connection.

Q: How are Spa Facial Academy’s online courses taught on the internet?

A: Students log into our platform and are able to begin immediately. Through Spa Facial Academy’s state-of-the-art platform, our skilled instructors monitor the progress of each student. All assignments are submitted directly into the Spa Facial Academy platform.  After assignment completion, students are tested on their knowledge before advancing to the next level.

Q: Can I register for online courses at Spa Facial Academy if I am an international student?

: Yes, because Spa Facial Academy uses a virtual campus for all courses, you can learn from the comfort of your own home or wherever is convenient for you.  All registration can be done online

Q: How do I know if online Spa Facial Academy’s courses are the right choice me?

A:  If you have been considering offering you clients new services or adding services to your existing spa, but worry about managing a full-time job, family life, as well as many other demands on your time, Spa Facial Academy offers a perfect solution. You can work at your pace and from anywhere you are able to access the Internet, many people have been able to successfully navigate this course and earn their certificate of completion.

Q: Is online training as effective as learning in a traditional classroom?

A: Research indicates that online learning is more effective for many students due to the variety of learning and delivery methods that are used

Q: Once I have completed my registration with Spa Facial Academy, how soon can I start?

A: You will receive your user name and password within 48 hours and can then begin immediately

Q: How long does it take to have an assignment graded?

A: Please allow 72 hours to provide feedback on your assignment.

Q: Can I email Spa Facial instructors with further questions I have about assignments if I need extra help?

A: Yes, instructors will respond and provide feedback within 72 hours.

Q: How long after I graduate do I get my certificate?

A: You can print it out immediately upon completion.

Do I have to be a licensed aesthetician to take Spa Facial courses?

No anyone can take spa facial courses.

Q: Where do I look if I want to know the differences between each course offered?

A: On the online facial home page of the website you will find a course comparison chart that will show the differences in all courses.

Q: I am a licensed aesthetician will I learn alot more facials I can deliver to my clients?

A: Yes you will learn a variety of the most current sought after facials on the market.

Q: Will I learn facials that celebrities prefer and the prices these treatments usually cost?

A: Yes we will teach you a variety of the top facials chosen by celebrities, and what you need to know to deliver them to your clients.

Q: Will I learn about the brushes and utensils used to do a proper facial?

A: Yes, we will go in depth on all brushes and utensils used while giving a professional facial.

Q: I am a makeup artist will the facial course be beneficial for me?

A: Yes the facial course is necessary for makeup artists. The skin is the canvas when applying makeup, so it is necessary to learn how to keep it youthful and healthy. Healthy clean skin is necessary for a great makeup application.

Q: Do licensed aestheticians teach the courses offered at Spa Facial Academy?

A: Yes the courses are all taught by licensed aestheticians and spa professionals with many years of experience in the industry.