Make Up Brushes

Make Up BrushesWhen you come to study at Simply makeup School we will teach you the importance of using makeup brushes as an essential tool to produce beautiful makeup artistry. Brushes are not just a gimmick to make you look professional, they truly are the secrets of creating perfect makeup looks. The most important thing about a brush is it quality. Good quality does not always mean the most expensive, so it is your job to understand what makes a good brush so it can aid your trade. Here are a few tips on how you can make those decisions for yourself without getting caught up in all the advertising hype that we are subjected to:

1. Gently tug the brush bristles. If more than a few hairs come loose, it’s not well made. New brushes will sometimes shed a few hairs but it definately should not be coming out in chunks every time you check.

2. It is a personal choice of what they are made of so whether they’re natural, synthetic or blended, the brush bristles should feel soft and smooth. Make sure you test the brush on your own skin so you can judge if it feels stiff or prickly.

3. The most important quality check on a brush is where the hairs join on to the handle. This should be strong, sturdy and give no signs of movement. A glue fixture is not enough to keep your brush durable so make sure it has some other securing mechanisms.

4. Make sure the brush feels comfortable in your hands as you will be holding it for a while. They should not feel flimsy and the handles should not be too bulky. Avoid extra long handles as they can make precision more difficult.

The dilemma of real hair brushes Vs synthetic hair brushes.

Animal hair brushes are normally created using Sable, squirrel or goats hair and synthetic brushes are created using man made fibers. In our opinion it comes down to simple preference and sometimes snobbery. Some makup artists swear by only using real animal hairs however we feel technology has progressed so much that it is often impossible to tell the difference when it comes to results. Synthetic fibers such as Natrafil™ achieve fantastic results even with powder products. There is however nothing wrong with using real hair brushes they work beautifully too so at Simply Makeup School we use a combination of natural and synthetic and we love both equally.

When it comes to choosing brushes you will be overwhelmed by the amount of options available to you. So follow our advice and remember that there’s no right or wrong brush because each artist decides how their masterpiece is created!
We do not want to push any particular brand but Sigma brushes are our current favs at Simply Makeup Courses. They make a great starting set of brushes for our students.