All About Julie

I am just an average girl who loves makeup. From a very early age, I have been interested in makeup. Having an elder sister i would always watch her put on her  makeup and I desperately wanted to do the same despite being so young! I started of with very uneven and unsightly thick eyeliner, dark chocolate lipstick and the odd bit of glitter somewhere on my face. Great combination i know!

From my very 1st part-time job, only earning only around £4/ph,  i started purchasing my own makeup! So every month i would set aside a small budget to buy some beauty goodies. In addition i would look forward to my sisters hand me downs as she could afford high end beauty products. And thats how my makeup and beauty collection grew, ranging from drugstore brands to high end Chanel, Clinique, Clarins and Bobby Brown.

I love reading magazines and all the beauty articles. I sit down and circle everything i want beauty related and then share it with my fantastic YouTube subscribers. One of my absolute favorite things i still love doing is my mum’s hair and makeup. I thrive on making her look beautiful and feel happy.

My YouTube venture started when lots of people started asking me “how I do my makeup or how i get my hair and skin looking healthy”. So i decided to answer everyones questions with a whole range of makeup videos, hair videos, nails and everything beauty related! I have found it to be a great way to share my beauty tips. Its going so well, and I love interacting with all my viewers. I try to use a mixture of high end products and drugstore brands of makeup.

I am really excited to be blogging for Simply Makeup Courses and have a great lineup of blogs planned, so watch this space! It is a great way for me to share even more tips and advice to all my followers. I simply cannot wait to start writing my blog.

CinnamonJules Beauty xox