Advice on Your Makeup Portfolio

Make up portfolioEvery Makeup artist should have a portfolio or often referred to as ‘your book’. Even if all your jobs have been created through word of mouth and recommendations, it is still vital that you have a representation of yourself through a great selection of images.

Your portfolio should be A4 in size and should represent where your career has been so far as well as were it would like to be in the future.

The style and content of your portfolio will depend on where you want to work within the industry. For instance if you want to pursue a career in film and TV then you need to demonstrate your work relating to that field and demonstrate things like aging makeup, facial hair and character makeup etc… The most important thing in your portfolio is to show a clear direction for your career.

Be very selective about what you choose to include. You want to show only your very best. Quality always beats quantity. Be sure not to get hung up on celebrities, if you have managed to get a job working on somebody famous, fantastic, but do not over sell it. No future employer wants to see you start struck as it comes across as unprofessional and they will worry about your ego. The Key to this trade is to be cool and you will be respected for it.

Never even think about using someone else’s work in your portfolio. When you get found out, it will damage your future credibility, because the makeup world is smaller than you might think. Even if you only have 2 images in your portfolio, at least it is your own work, and it will be a true reflection of your current status. Being new and inexperienced is not always a bad thing sometimes an employer is looking for ‘new’ fresh talent.

Once you get busy booking lots of jobs, do not neglect your folio. Always keep it updated and current. It will always remain your key asset.

Before and after pictures in a portfolio is not always a great idea but for certain employers it might be a key selling point. For instance it might be good for bridal jobs, however you are running your own business so it’s up to you to make the right call.

If you have not managed to book any jobs, then you might need to rethink your whole folio. It should be selling your services. Be prepared to spend time and effort on creating the best set of images. This might mean working for free for a while until you have a decent collection of pictures.